'Redshirting' in Kindergarten Still Subject to Debate

"When he complains about his friend, I always try to remind him that he is one year younger than him and that he was doing the same things last year," Gibb told ABCNews.com.

Gibb still thinks she made the right choice not only because her son was "emotionally immature," but also because she did not want him to join high school or college at a very young age. "If he's older, he won't be easily manipulated into drug use and malpractices like this. He might feel more confident dealing with older students," she said.

Just as Gibb made a choice depending on her son's emotional needs, Vela recommends that parents do the same.

"Parents make that decision for all kinds of different reasons. We can test a child academically but we can never test their emotional readiness. They sometimes are not ready to leave home at the age of five and the separation anxiety will impact them for a long time. You also find children who are ready to leave home at an even younger age. So it's really up to the parent to decide for their child," said Vela.

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