Weiner May Feel Symptoms of Grief After Fall from Grace


Weiner Resigns; What Now?

Experts said it is certainly possible for Weiner to get back into the public's good graces, but it'll take work.

"Our history is that people make mistakes," said Robbins. "I think that, in general, people are pretty forgiving. It usually takes a public apology and an appearance that someone has made changes and takes what happened seriously."

But Binks was more skeptical of the public's acceptance as he wondered whether the American public is losing patience with the stories like Weiner's, Arnold Schwarzenegger's, Spitzer's and Woods'.

"Society may be growing weary of selfish, uncaring acts of self-gratification without concern for the consequences and harm to others, [which] quickly become disorders in need of treatment," said Binks, "especially when the timing of such impassioned pleas for understanding seem only to come when all other evasive self-serving options are exhausted."

Only time will tell.

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