Study: Oscar Winners Live Longer

So, Redelmeier decided to see if it was true — if a glowing Paltrow had more life in her than the dull-looking folk who may get nominated, but who never get their turn at the podium. He looked back through the 73 years of the Academy Awards and who won and who didn't and how long they lived.

"We found, too, that the life expectancy for those that had multi nominations and no win had the same life expectancy as those with just a single nomination and no win," Redelmeier added.

So, the Susan Lucci syndrome is just as bad as just one nomination and no win. (Lucci was nominated 19 times for an Emmy before winning one in 1999.)

"I imagine most of the winners live well," said Screen Actor's Guild spokesman Greg Krizman. "Living an easier life sure has a significant psychological difference on an actor's psyche. Winning just does something to you."

But if, as critics say, being nominated for an Oscar is a function of talent and winning is a function of luck, what of this new finding?

"A little luck doesn't hurt," Krizman said.

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