Vitamin-Packed Beer?

For beer lovers, it sounds too good to be true: vitamin-enhanced beer that not only increases your nutrient intake but also eases hangovers.

A Texas beer company says it has created a brew that fits the bill, although there is some skepticism.

Fred Matt, one of the brewers, says Stampede Plus is aimed at active, healthy consumers. However, the company is somewhat mum on its Web site about what is in its brew, noting that "the government doesn't let us tell you explicitly what the extra (plus) is."

But Matt hinted that vitamin B might be one of the key ingredients.

"Essentially when you drink your alcohol, you are depleting vitamin B and what we're doing is putting vitamin B into the beer, and so you wake up the next morning and you feel a lot better," he said.

However, most beers, depending on the brewing process, often contain any number of vitamins and minerals, like folate and vitamin C.

So, is Stampede Plus based on solid science or a strange brew?

David Robbins, an internist at Beth Israel Hospital in New York, said that vitamin B was one of the nutrients depleted by alcohol consumption, but doubted it had much effect on hangovers.

ABC affiliate WABC-TV in New York reported this story.