Red Bull Not the Best Mixer

"There are no dangers or drawbacks associated with the consumption of Red Bull," Radden explained. "Red Bull is a great alternative to booze for the designated driver or for those who wish to consume a non-alcoholic beverage this holiday season," she wrote. "We've done a lot of research on our product and don't feel warning labels are necessary -- we are confident in the safety of our product."

According to Radden, health authorities in more than 70 countries, including Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom have concluded, through clinical data, clinical tests and toxicological evaluations that Red Bull is safe to consume.

"We do not promote Red Bull energy drink as a mixer with alcohol as this might impair the positive effects of [the drink] as advertised," Radden wrote. "There is no reason why Red Bull…should not, like any other drink, be mixed with alcohol as long as people do not underestimate that alcohol consumption might impair their mental and physical activities."

Bartenders serve the popular Red Bull and vodka combination, coined the "Friday Flattener" and "Dirty Pompadour" in some places and the "Eye-opener" or a "Klenfield" in others.

Red Bull seems to be the mixer of choice because of its appealing taste. "The issue is that Red Bull has a different flavor profile compared to coffee," said Clemens. "The flavor is much more enticing," he said.

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