Kids Imitate Saddam's Televised Hanging Death

"Children exposed to some of those images had heightened anxiety and fear for weeks," he says. "The bottom line in any case where a fictional image -- in a movie or a television show -- or a nonfictional image -- in a news story such as Saddam Hussein's execution -- is shown is to filter what your child watches.

"Yes, that may mean that the adult doesn't watch either."

And even though televised violence cannot be completely avoided, Kaslow says it is important for parents to help their children put such scenes into the proper context.

"Parents need to talk with their children about the violence they see on TV," Kaslow says. "They need to know what their children are watching. They need to pay attention to signs or hints of their children's distress, including their fascination with aggressive or death images. And they need to be available to talk with their children about their distress and concerns.

"From a young age, it is important … for parents to convey that there is a big difference between what occurs on TV and what should happen in real life."

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