Pros and Cons: Elective C-Section

Rare: Possible infant injury when the doctor makes the uterine incision

Risk of damage to the mother's bowels and/or bladder

Increased maternal blood loss and risk of needing a transfusion

Risk of complications from anesthesia (pneumonia, allergic reactions, low blood pressure)

Slightly higher mortality rate for the mother

Twice the risk of infant mortality

Higher risk of infection and blood clots for the mother

Decreased bowel function after surgery

Risk of lower Apgar scores for the baby

Longer hospital stay (three to five days) and longer recovery period

Possible complications with breast-feeding

Possible increased likelihood of clinical postpartum depression

Potentially more expensive — your insurance may not cover an elective cesarean

Internal scar tissue may cause problems in future c-sections

In later pregnancies, risks to the mother increase, whether she delivers by VBAC or cesarean

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