Teen Stays on Life Support ... for Now

One of the few cases in which parents in New York succeeded in having their child removed life support involved a 3-year-old who was in a persistent vegetative state and couldn't breathe or eat on her own. The parents' lawyer, Elizabeth Benjamin, was able to obtain a court order allowing the removal.

"That was an extraordinary case," Benjamin said. "The kid was so medically futile and the parents and medical providers were all on the same side. There was no miracle at the end of the story."

Benjamin agreed that it would be much more difficult to obtain a court order in Peters' case.

"In this circumstance, where you have division in the family, it's very unlikely that a judge would go for that," she said.

Leven said that the case bears definite similarities to the Schiavo case. "It involves someone in a persistent vegetative state and there was a dispute between family members," he said.

Schiavo's brother, Bobby Schindler, said he is praying for Javona.

"My heart goes out [for] the family," he said. "My whole idea is what's the rush? She's only 16 years old. There's hope. I hate to see them make such a quick decision on the end of life."

But he is convinced that she won't experience the same fate as his sister.

"New York has strong laws," he says. "If [Terri Schiavo] had lived there, she would still be alive."

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