XXXchurch Founder: Porn Is 'Fantasy, Not Reality'

Like it or hate it, pornography is almost impossible to ignore.

According to one trade publication, the business of porn earns about $14 billion a year, employs more than 100,000 people and is one of the most popular destinations for Web surfers.

Generally featuring consenting adults and regulated solely for those older than 18, viewing pornography seems to many like a harmless form of entertainment.

But others are not so sure. They suggest that the largest consumers of pornography are young boys between the ages of 12 and 17. They also claim that much of pornography is about degrading men and women and that pornography may harm marriages.

Last week, as part of "Sex Week at Yale" in New Haven. Conn., "Nightline" moderated a debate about porn.


Four strong-willed individuals joined ABC News "Nightline" co-anchor Martin Bashir, who moderated the debate.

Arguing against pornography were Craig Gross, who runs an online community for people who feel they've become addicted to pornography, and Donny Pauling, who had a successful career as one of the nation's foremost pornography producers only to find God, ditch porn and speak out against it.

On the pro-porn side, there was Monique Alexander, an actress and model who has a contract with Vivid Entertainment, the world's largest adult-film producer, and Ron Jeremy, a well-educated actor who has appeared in more than 1,900 pornographic movies.

The debate started with a plea from Bashir. Past debates between Jeremy and Gross, who have met on stage more than 25 times, have brought booing, walkouts and even a nude streaker or two.

"I'd like you to display your cleverness and your intellect and all those vast thousands of dollars that your parents have spent on you," Bashir told the rowdy crowd.

The students had been warned not to bring alcohol into the ballroom, but red cups and Red Bull cans peppering the floors after the debate ended indicated they'd done otherwise.

Gross, an evangelist who says believers of Christ have as much of a problem with pornography as unbelievers, spoke first. He responded first to Jeremy's comment that he would "slam-dunk every one of his points."

"At [5 feet 4 inches,] Ron, you won't slam-dunk anything," Gross said to much laughter. Then he jumped right into his argument. "I want to be clear that my ministry,, and my belief is not to take away your right to see porn. If you like porn, go ahead and watch it. I'm here to help those that are really having a tough time with this stuff, to help those that want out of porn."

Porn Is 'Fantasy, Not Reality'

"Pornography is not real," said Gross. "It's fantasy, not reality. You're going to be disappointed in your future sex life, because it won't match up to porn."

Gross then turned his argument to Alexander and Jeremy. "Ron has been in this 29 years," he said. "Monique is a contract star for Vivid. Most girls and guys are not in the position that they're in, are not celebrities, are not making millions of dollars."

Finally, he argued that porn seeps into the minds of minors. "The average age that someone sees porn is 11. Just show of hands, how many of you had seen porn before you were 18?"

Hands shot into the air. "You little perverts," joked Jeremy.

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