Mosh Pit or Death Pit?

The majority of mosh-related insurance claims Chippendale sees are from those who are injured after standing around them -- not those who are actually participating.

"The people who are in it are voluntarily doing what they do in mosh pits, slam-dancing," said Chippendale. "Those aren't the ones filing the claims, it's usually the person that they're falling on."

The unpredictable nature of mosh pits has spurred several insurance companies to exclude those kind of injuries, said Chippendale.

"Insurance for concerts that have a moshing potential are definitely more expensive," said Chippendale. "A Metallica concert will have more exposure to moshing and the [insurance] rates are definitely higher."

"You have to have well-trained security in place to control mosh pits," said Chippendale. "But even then, someone can get hurt in a matter of seconds."

Mosh Pits Here to Stay?

Despite his overwhelming research highlighting the dangers of mosh pits, Wertheimer says he does not want to see mosh pits banned from concerts but rather monitored more carefully.

He suggests venues seperate areas specifically for mosh pits with metal barriers so that nonmoshers are not injured and also advises security to do a better job of controlling the number of people who are allowed into a concert, helping to prevent crowd crushes.

"Mosh pits shouldn't be banned if they can be managed safely," said Wertheimer, who has been injured in several mosh pits and now wears special outfits to protect himself at concerts, including steel-toed boots with no-slip soles. "It can be fun and enjoyable and can work in a relatively safe manner."

And no matter what concert security tells fans, chances are concertgoers are going listen to the band as well as security officials when it comes to moshing.

"Bands like it, they want to see a reaction to their music," said Wertheimer. "They call for it and ask people to mosh."

"They say, 'I want to see people get nuts and form a pit!'" added Wertheimer.

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