Doctors Take Piece of Boy's Brain to Stop 100 Seizures a Day


And he never lost his sense of humor.

"Dr. Mikati met with us and showed us the actual EEG tracings. After he left, Spike asked to see what the EEG looked like," Parrent said. "He looked at the tracings for awhile and then pointed to the more active parts of the EEG. 'So,' Spike said, 'This part shows the spikes and these are slowing and here are the seizures.'"

His father confirmed he was right and Spike added, "From now on, I want to be called Mr. Smooth. I don't want any more spikes."

Spike stayed on the ketogenic diet for six months, but by August the seizures came back with a vengeance. A series of MRIs revealed a shadow, suggesting a genetic malformation of the right side frontal lobe of his brain.

Doctors at Duke referred Spike to the Cleveland Clinic. Doctors thought the brain was operable and surgery was scheduled.

Spike's last seizure was on Nov. 9, 2011, the day of his final surgery.

Today, at 6, Spike is thriving.

"His attention span is better," his father said. "His intelligence is fully there and he reads and writes. As we took him off the drugs, he's doing much better in school and is still incredibly bright and happy. Nothing prevents him from doing anything he wants. He's a normal kid in all regards."

His family later learned a malformation from birth was causing the seizures and surgery had corrected that.

"It was waiting there like a bomb," his father said. "It would have killed him."

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