Single Ladies, Don't Despair: Men Do Want to Commit


The survey found that only 17% of men and 28% of women believe the religious background of their partner is very important. Prejudices are breaking down, but not just in terms of race and religion. Age difference in partners no longer seems as important, according to the survey.

"In fact something like 21% of women had a date with someone who was 10 or more years younger. We're seeing the decline of racism, of religious needs and age-ism," said Fisher.

So what was the most shocking thing Dr. Fisher found in the survey?

"First of all, singles are very romantic. In fact I did a brain study and we found that romantic love can be sustained. The single most interesting thing in this study is that 35% of men and women said that they had initially met someone and not found them terribly attractive and they later felt passionately in love with them. So if I really had to say something to singles on Valentine's Day, I'd say, 'Take a second look.' Think of reasons to say, 'three strikes and I am out' and maybe your dreams will come true. "

Additional key findings include:

Office romances are few, short and not usually destructive: In the past five years, only 12% of singles dated someone in their office. Most workplace romances lasted less than three months and only 6% of women dated their boss. After breaking up, 56% reported this romance did not affect their professional relationship. Thirty-six percent of singles would consider dating someone in the workplace.

Fidelity is a must: 69% of singles regard fidelity as a "must have;" in the case of 46% of the singles, either one or both partners have been unfaithful and 78% of these broke up after the discovery. 70% believe that divorce is acceptable after one or both partners cheat.

The additional key findings were taken from a press release called "Single in America."

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