More Texas Women Could Seek 'Star Pills' for Abortion


"You begin to discover the devil is in the details," said Minto, who said he will either have to close down his clinic or move his practice to Mexico.

With new regulations, the procedure for a medical abortion takes three days: A woman must get a sonogram and an explanation of the procedure. Twenty-four hours later, she gets the first pill -- RU 486 or mifepristone, a hormone blocker that makes the fetus unviable. After another 24 hours, the woman must return so the doctor can give her misoprostol, which causes the uterus to contract and expel the fetus.

Until the new law, as is the standard practice in other states, women take the second pill at home and then have a follow up visit with the doctor.

"It's added another doctor visit and, if you live 250 miles away or more, you have to stay in a hotel," he said.

Some women in Texas live as far as to 900 miles from an abortion clinic.

Minto said the safety record and his certification inspections over the last three decades have been "impeccable." He charges women less than $500 for a procedure -- either medical or surgical abortion.

"If you have a case of rape, it's tough," he said. "Where do you send innocent 12, 12, 13-year-old girls? What do they do? I thought about those girls in Cleveland who were held hostage. According to Texas law, if they get pregnant, after 20 weeks, forget it. We have just gone to Taliban Texas."

The next step will be a court challenge to the new law, but Minto is undaunted.

"My licensed abortion clinic has to close," said Minto, "But I'll never give up helping women. I am not a quitter."

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