Simple Ways to Burn off Thanksgiving Calories


Simple Steps During the Holiday Rush

The holiday rush often makes it difficult to find time to exercise or even worry about being active, but Holt and other experts say there are simple changes people can make while they're preparing a big meal, out shopping or catching up on chores that can help burn calories. The key is to keep moving.

"When you go shopping, for example, walk up the escalator instead of taking elevators or park far away. These are good ways to keep moving," said Holt.

"Taking the stairs for a total of just two minutes, five days a week, gives you the same calorie-burning results as a 20-minute walk," said Leah Britt, personal trainer and nutritionist at Premier Fitness Camp.

Even a quick trip to the mailbox can turn into a mini-exercise session, Britt explained.

On the way to and from the mailbox, "do one lap around your house or building, or up and down a flight of stairs," she said.

For travelers who find it tough to find a gym or time to fit in a workout, Harper recommended a hotel room routine consisting of jumping rope for 5 minutes, 15 push-ups and 30 sit-ups, then repeating that sequence 5 times.

But the holiday season only comes around once a year, so people should enjoy their meals, as long as it's in moderation and accompanied by physical activity.

"You have days of leftovers to try your favorite things, so does it have to be all in one meal?" said Jessica Janc, nutritional director at Premier Fitness Camp.

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