Transgender Teen Turns to Prostitution to Raise Cash for Surgery to Look Female


After the doctor pocketed the money, Vanessa was whisked off to the operating room and put under anesthesia. First, Dr. Sonny put in 700cc silicone breast implants, which Vanessa hoped would take her to a D cup.

Even with five more procedures to go, Dr. Sonny said he planned to have everything done in less than two hours.

"Six surgeries at one time, it's no problem because I work very, very fast," he said. "This is my patient five today."

The doctor went to work removing Vanessa's Adam's apple, breaking and rebuilding her nose and shaving down her jaw line. After her marathon of surgeries, Vanessa was in tears.

"I'm not crying because I feel pain. I'm crying because I'm so happy," she said.

Vanessa spent the next 10 days recovering. When she finally flew back home, her father and sister Annie were waiting for her at the airport, anxious for her arrival and to see her new look.

"I missed you. I'm sorry. You look great," her sister tells her.

On the car ride home, Vanessa experienced her new chest.

"It's weird because it's jiggling and I never felt that before," she said. "I'm not used to that. The ups and downs."

Her mother was at home, waiting in the house where she raised her son, to welcome home her daughter.

"No matter what I love her," Anna Maria said. "Because that's what she need right now. Love."

But Vanessa won't be staying at home for long. She wants to have a few more procedures, including brow bone surgery and liposuction, all of which require more money. So Vanessa goes back into prostitution.

"Just one more year," she said. "I'm doing what I have to do to survive, or you know, to be what I want to be."

She'll be 20 by then, and has set new goals for herself.

"By the time I'm 20, I'm already going to have the surgery that I want." She said. "I'm already going to be starting school, figuring out my career plan, and just everything."

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