Ebola Outbreak Prompts Dispatch of Health Workers

CDC to send 50 medical experts to infected areas.
8:04 | 08/01/14

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Transcript for Ebola Outbreak Prompts Dispatch of Health Workers
Involved in the fight against -- the CDC announced today it is sending fifty medical experts to affected areas. Helped turn the tide right now the international hot spot West Africa. -- Dan Butler in new York -- -- crisis that now has the attention health officials all around the world. Wondering. How to best stop the virus from spreading even further. CDC now wrapping up its efforts in what it says is the worst double a crisis and history and no other countries are being extremely careful. With any flights from Guinea Sierra Leone or Liberia the spread of this already worrying outbreak. Has -- extremely fast -- -- -- Richard getting in February of this year -- a 60%. Fatality rage then in April the virus spread to neighboring Sierra Leone and Liberia was thought to be subsiding but the spread of the virus and backed picked up in a month of June. And just this weekend the latest string recorded its first fatality in Nigeria in -- city of Lagos. Which is an international hub could be the focal point from where the disease. Could -- even more. This is the background on a bullet there is no cure and the latest strain. Is deadliest in history and Guinea where the virus starts 339 people have died 121. Have been affected. Its -- around 233 people have died at 300 others have come in contact with the virus. And in Liberia the disease has claimed 156. Victims. What 173 others are in fact it. And Nigeria one victim liberian American. Has -- the CDC has -- put in place a little rewarding -- infected West African countries limiting nonessential travel. ABC's Martha Gonzales as the latest on what officials are doing to prevent the spread. All in tears in those impacted countries are being evacuated a two volunteers are quarantine now as a precaution. This is experts here say that people need to be aware especially. Health care professionals. It is the worst -- outbreak in history. More than a thousand cases reported in -- Liberia and Sierra Leone more than 700 people kill old. We don't fighting -- there we will be fighting in and trying to contain and and under places serious steps are now being taken to keep the deadly virus from spreading. Doctors checking passengers at airports before they can board flights leaving affected countries. -- emergency room in Charlotte closed yesterday until doctors cleared -- patient would recently returned from West Africa so far there have been no reports of the Ebola Virus in the US but some doctors fear it could happen. I would not be surprised if we see isolated cases are right here because you can be -- to have no symptoms for three weeks after you've been infected. But those -- would not spread around the country we have good hospitals in good infection control. The -- is not spread through the air only through close contact as was the case with two American missionary health care workers infected in Liberia doctor -- Brantley and Nancy -- people. Both are still there are being treated she was trying to trying to recover and and still feeling the effects of -- the virus but at least one family here in the US is feeling the heart breaking effects of the deadly virus that has no vaccine and no cure. -- -- -- -- Patrick Sawyer was supposed to travel to Minnesota to visit those daughter's next month but died in Nigeria shortly after contracting Ebola in -- -- And more concern now is dignitaries from across Africa plan to travel to Washington DC this weekend for president Obama's Africa summit. But leaders from the impacted countries say they plan to stay behind to deal with the -- break down. ABC's mark Gonzales but that report so for more on those two Americans infected in Liberia we're joined now ABC's -- nodding. From Washington DC -- tell us what you can about the conditions of these two American. Well we have heard from the aid organizations that they are working with today and unfortunately the update -- not a good one. We're told that their conditions have worsened overnight which is really disappointing because just yesterday we heard that they were actually doing a little bit better. So some unfortunate news coming today their conditions are described as still being stable. But grave. Family members had told us about Nancy rightful. That she was actually walking around a little bit yesterday so we don't know if she's still got enough energy to do that yet today. You know we do -- -- being held in total isolation -- these small homes in Liberia. That doctors who are we fully covered in those head to toe protective -- Are going in at least a couple of times a -- care for them. And that. Friends staff members. Are having to speak to -- through the windows trying to keep -- company as they recover. Well there was some past fairways -- from doctor -- friendly with some experimental drug what can you tell us about that. Yeah -- really really incredible story that we're hearing from the samaritans purse. That one of the aid organizations. Where these American missionaries. Were working in -- -- in Liberia. So what we have been told is that. Overnight and experimental drug of some sort we have no more. And to be used to treat these American patients but there was only add enough dosage for one patient. And samaritans purse says doctor can't Brantley being the doctor that he is. Insisted that that -- actually go to his colleague Nancy rival instead. To himself now another -- part of that story is that he did get some treatment that -- -- hoping. Might help they say that a fourteen year old boy that doctor Brantley treated who didn't recover from a -- One -- you something to help and so he volunteered. A unit of his blood so we do that doctor Brantley receive the unit of blood from that fourteen year old survivor the idea being that maybe it's possible -- antibodies that the boy would have developed in his blood. It may help doctor -- recover. I have a seat edge very generous move there Nancy rubble that you had mentioned is a member of samaritans -- organization. It's got a lot of volunteers and a part of Africa are they pulling out other staff from -- infected areas doing now. Yes so will there are two organizations that were working at this hospital where doctor Brantley and Nancy rifle were working samaritans purse. In another missions organization called SI and so and those organizations -- working closely together and have decided that they are pulling all non essentials staff. Out of Liberia. So we know that -- those evacuations will happen -- by the end of this weekend they're not giving us exact details on when that happened in order to protect the privacy of their staff members. -- so we know all nonessential staff will be going however some. Will remain because they want to still be there believe they still should be there responding. To this horrific outbreak of Ebola that some doctors -- some medical personnel are needed. To keep these hospitals running because they're there. Is some of these patients. It right now it's running and about. You know less than 50% of people who can't survive this you can overcome it but not if they don't get medical treatment so it's really incredible that there are. Still. You know and number of American and western and volunteers in medical workers who are going into West Africa and want to be there to help -- this outbreak. Very selfless actions ABC's -- and -- in Washington DC with the latest -- thank you so much more. Of course you can keep up with the latest on this story by downloading ABC news outlets start -- -- exclusive updates on ago. You've been watching the international hot spot -- Butler anymore.

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{"id":24814152,"title":"Ebola Outbreak Prompts Dispatch of Health Workers","duration":"8:04","description":"CDC to send 50 medical experts to infected areas.","url":"/Health/video/ebola-outbreak-spread-worries-health-workers-24814152","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}