'Service Goat' Saves Woman From Seizures

Prince the goat alerts Sara Manley as to when she'll need her medication.
3:00 | 05/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Service Goat' Saves Woman From Seizures
Probably seen a service dog helping someone who was blind -- maybe needs help getting around but we bet -- never seen a service -- Itself directly from Comstock Michigan explains why should never goes anywhere without her -- friends. This is -- seen in public. Without undergoing -- it is this this is our fingers started noticing a pattern over the past year I noticed the goats would -- strange. Ten to fifteen minutes before -- either black outer pass -- -- blood sugar or I'd have muscular spasms they wouldn't let me get my car they wouldn't let me get my worst it was this ever. I accident here had completely by accident it was a fluke I don't think anybody Yeltsin stumbled across to our -- are the only ones who know this about -- -- never heard of emails come in and locks air. When they sense that there's it's teens like possibly a seizure coming and or low blood sugar even -- -- six weeks of age he's party able to detect it he bites me it's visibly agitated and will scream or he will circle me and blocked me if I had a problem. I've never heard of such -- that couldn't let he's the first of its kind -- he's definitely pioneered -- presents -- problem because I can take my medication to for an any problems what's the reaction when you take about what how to be good two feet without people -- -- actually quite enjoys that have been downtown nightlife and he likes the drunken pats on the -- -- -- -- -- one who sees it you know falls in love with a piano room and just you know don't over him. Guys are like what the heck is but eventually I would like -- her lack -- bed and be like yeah it's ago. They're very very very -- -- very very loyal new best front. And he's very helpful.

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{"id":19251977,"title":"'Service Goat' Saves Woman From Seizures","duration":"3:00","description":"Prince the goat alerts Sara Manley as to when she'll need her medication.","url":"/Health/video/service-goat-saves-woman-seizures-19251977","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}