Men's Health: The Battle for Your Body


Another reason weight training is the ultimate fat fighter: The more muscle you have, the better your body uses the nutrients you consume, and the less likely it is to store your food (even junk food) as fat. See, your muscles store energy (read: calories) in the form of glycogen. When you exercise, your muscles call on that glycogen for fuel. After you exercise, your fat-storing hormones are subdued because your body wants to use incoming carbs to restore the glycogen depleted during your workout. So the carbs you eat after exercise are stored in your muscles, not in your spare tire.

But it gets better: If you complete a high-intensity workout (like the one below), your body will burn calories at an advanced rate for hours afterward, and it'll be desperate for energy to keep your heart beating. Since the food you're eating is being stored in your muscles, your body has to hunt for something else to burn. Guess what that is? Fat. Score another one for Team Muscle.


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