Meditation Helps Kids Chill Out, Reduce Impulsivity


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Despite some high-profile Hollywood interest, kids meditation is mainly a grassroots movement that is slowly gaining a toehold in schools, small studios and homes across the country.

Kelly, the Boston father who has meditated with his son for three years, founded a children's meditation program called Boston Buddha four years ago and began teaching "mindfulness" techniques to K-5 students in the Milton, Mass., School District.

His youngest students -- second-graders and below -- practice a series of exercises that focus on the five senses. This, he said, helps them learn how the sound of a pencil tapping, the smell of pizza or the sight of a classmate fidgeting can distract them.

"The magic moment where they understand mindfulness is when they can catch themselves not paying attention. That's their chance to control their impulsivity. It helps them stop themselves from doing things like jumping on the couch or whacking their younger brother," Kelly said.

For parents who can't find a nearby program or, like Kelly, is willing to teach meditation techniques to their children themselves, there are plenty of resources.

The Teach Children Meditation Facebook fan page advises parents on how to teach their kids to meditate. There are also dozens of podcasts, audio recordings and websites dedicated to children's meditation.

And, of course, there's even an app for meditation: The Smiling Mind website and free smartphone app have downloadable programs that lead children as young as 7 through a mindfulness meditation practice.

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