Meet Spain's Young Royals

"There aren't that many paparazzi following them about," Anthony Luke of the Spanish glossy society magazine Hola! said to ABC News. "They're not capturing every single moment of their lives. There's also self-censorship on the part of many newspapers in Spain; they don't print photographs that might upset the royal family."

But there is still enough material for magazines to cover. Spaniards are avid followers of the royals and their latest goings-on, such as their official trips, which are important in fostering Spain's ties with other countries.

As for the prince, there was much delight -- and relief -- when Felipe of Asturias selected his bride, Letizia Ortiz, a woman who was not from the usual stock of aristocrats who continue to inhabit various corners of Europe. Worldly, elegant and with a flair for the camera, his wife, a former TV news correspondent, has injected the royal family with a dose of glamour.

The magazines make much of her photogenic allure, from her support of Spanish fashion designers to her recent cosmetic operations.

"She's not a blue blood and that generates a lot of interest." Luke said. "She's a journalist and that encourages a lot of the media to concentrate more on her than on anybody else."

Her fame before catching the eye of Spain's Prince Charming paved the way to her eventual place in the house of Bourbon. She was already known for being a striking TV correspondent, dispatching reports from ground zero after Sept. 11, 2001, and also from Iraq after the fall of Baghdad. In short, she was celebrated as a modern, feisty, attractive woman.

Her transition from TV hack to polished princess was welcomed when she first entered the arena as the royal girlfriend and more so when the engagement to Prince Felipe was announced.

"She's a very pretty woman and the prince is obviously a handsome-looking guy," Luke said. "The media are concentrating on them more because they are going to be the future king and queen of Spain, and they're a handsome couple."

Prince Felipe has been no stranger to the adoring eyes of the public, not only for his heir-to-the-throne credentials but for his handsome movie-star looks. Tall, smart and athletic, the prince was a member of the Olympic sailing team in the 1992 Barcelona Games and spent time studying international relations at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

No surprise, then, that he constantly topped the polls as one of Europe's most-sought-after bachelors by legions of love-struck, wannabe princesses.

Spain Is No Monaco

Much like Britain's Prince Charles, Prince Felipe spent a lot of his time in his youth pictured with beautiful and pedigreed ladies. At one point, the rumor mill went into overdrive when he was linked to Hollywood uber-princess Gwyneth Paltrow, exciting feverish speculation that there could be a Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly union, take two.

But Spain is not Monaco and while a date or two with a Hollywood superstar may have been tolerated, foreign celebrities are not ideal candidates for marriage into one of Europe's grander monarchies. Squeaky-clean pasts and an ability to withstand the rigor of royal life under scrutiny are an absolute must in a country that continues to be overwhelmingly Catholic in its traditions and institutions.

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