'Miz Julia' Speaks: Inside D.C.'s Most Notorious Escort Service


'Miz Julia' Speaks: Inside D.C.'s Most Notorious Escort Service

Some of the most in-demand women working for the "D.C. Madam" were in their 50s, according to the woman at the center of the scandal. (ABC News)

John School for Scandal As part of a crackdown on prostitution, the Justice Department is spending $25 million on "John Schools," allowing men caught in prostitution investigations to avoid criminal charges and public exposure.


US Military Says Kills Two More Iraq Qaeda Leaders

The U.S. military said on Friday it had identified two more senior al Qaeda in Iraq leaders killed in an operation north of Baghdad three days ago. (Reuters)

U.S. Soldier Convicted in Iraq

A U.S. Army soldier has been convicted at a court-martial in Iraq of being disrespectful to a superior commissioned officer and intentionally missing a military flight, officials said Friday. (AP)


U.S. Target Iranian-Made Weapons in Iraq

U.S.-led forces raided Baghdad's main Shiite district on Friday and detained 16 alleged militants on suspicion of smuggling a powerful weapon from Iran into Iraq that can pierce armored vehicles, the military said. (AP)


NATO Looking Into Civilian Death Reports

NATO is looking into reports that dozens of civilians died in clashes and airstrikes in western Afghanistan, its top commander in the country said in a Friday statement, but insisted that only militants were targeted. (AP)


Carlos The Jackal Faces New Trial

Ilich Ramirez Sanchez - better known as Carlos the Jackal - is to be tried in France over a series of bombings in the 1980s that left at least 11 dead. (BBC)


Kenya Gets US Anti-Terror Funds

The US government has announced new funding to Kenya's security forces aimed at countering "terrorist activities" in the Horn of Africa. (BBC)


Canada Signs Afghan Detainee Deal

Canada has signed a deal with Afghanistan which will give Ottawa unrestricted access to any prisoners they hand over to Kabul. (BBC)


2 Cuban Soldiers Foiled In an Attempt to Hijack Flight

A pair of heavily armed Cuban soldiers seized a city bus and killed an army officer in a foiled bid to hijack a charter flight bound for the United States. (AP)


China Makes Arrest in Pet Food Case

The general manager of a Chinese company accused of selling contaminated wheat gluten to pet food suppliers in the United States has been detained by the Chinese authorities, according to police officials here and a person who was briefed on the investigation. (NY Times)

China Orders Nationwide Inspections of Food Supply

Responding to the huge pet-food recall in the United States and worries about contamination in its own food supply, China said Friday that it had begun nationwide inspections of wheat gluten to determine whether it has been tainted with chemicals, according to the state-controlled Xinhua press agency. (International Herald Tribune)


Does Imus Have a Case?

His lawyer says that he will claim the network expected him to be controversial and irreverent under the terms of his contract and that the remarks, which got him fired, do not violate Federal Communications Commission regulations. (ABC News)


Mayor Of Mogadishu Bans Weapons

A former warlord who has long lived by his gun was sworn in as mayor of Mogadishu on Friday and immediately ordered residents of the Somali capital to get rid of their weapons. (AP)

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