Iraqi Insurgents Claim to Have Killed Missing Soldiers

In the 1990s, both Iraq and Algeria were viewed as the two Arab countries that were most likely to emerge from the dilemma of underdevelopment and join the industrialized nations. They were also relied upon in regards to the Arab-Israeli conflict in view of their military, economic and human capabilities. In spite of the unmistakable difference between both countries by virtue of location, historical background and the nature of their respective political experiences, there are several similarities between the two states, including being the only densely populated, oil-rich Arab states that have economic capabilities beyond the oil. (Asharq Alawsat)

The Next Big Terror Network

By Bruce Crumley

The raging battles between Lebanon's armed forces and fighters from the al Qaeda-inspired Fatah al-Islam provide disturbing proof that an over-abundance of jihadist volunteers for the Iraqi war has created a back-wash of extremists plotting violence and terror in the Middle East. But what the reports covering the current conflicts largely fail to note is that the violence is the inevitable consequence of a much broader evolution: the use of the Syria-Lebanon region as a center for disparate radical groups initiating contact, creating alliances, and cooperating in terror planning targeting all three shores of the Mediterranean. (Time)

A Rebel and Madmen

By Zuheir Kseibati, Al-Hayat

Russian President Vladimir Putin has regretted all that he has done to satisfy the US partner, who started to creep into his own backyard under the pretext of protecting European allies from the missiles of the 'rogue states' (Iran, North Korea...). (Al-Hayat)

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