Libby Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison

Two Islamic militants linked to the kidnap and murder of the US reporter Daniel Pearl have been arrested in a remote town in southern Pakistan. (Guardian)


FBI: Informant in JFK Plot was Drug Dealer

An informant who helped break up an alleged plot to bomb a fuel pipeline feeding the city's busiest airport was so convincing to the suspects that they actually thanked God he was with them, federal authorities said. (AP)

Plot Shows Dangers of Mundane Targets

Until a suspected terrorist plot was revealed, few people even knew there was a pipeline of highly combustible jet fuel snaking beneath the nation's largest city. (AP)


TB Patient May Be Allowed to Leave Room

The man infected with drug-resistant tuberculosis who set off an international health scare could be allowed outside of his isolated hospital room if a test for the bacteria is negative, a hospital official said Monday. (AP)

Where were the CDC Planes?

In a new twist in the trans-atlantic health scare triggered by TB patient Andrew Speaker, a Senate committee will hold hearings tomorrow to find out why the CDC didn't use one of its emergency jets to bring Speaker home from Europe. (ABC News)


10 Charged with Alleged Laos Plot

Ten people, including a former general in the Laotian army, were arrested and charged in the United States with an alleged plot to overthrow the Laotian government. (CNN)


Syria Jails Four Dissidents, Including One for 12 Years

Syria has jailed four more dissidents, one for 12 years, matching the heaviest sentence handed down since President Bashar Assad took power seven years ago, a human rights group said Monday. "The state security court in Damascus sentenced Abdel-Jabbar Allawi to death, commuted to 12 years' imprisonment, for membership in the Muslim Brotherhood," said Ammar Qorabi, head of the National Organization for Human Rights in Syria. (AFP)


Litany of Horrors at War Crimes Trial

The war crimes trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor began Monday with a catalog of horrors, as prosecutors at a U.N.-backed court here accused him of subjecting tens of thousands of civilians to a systematic campaign of murder, sexual abuse, amputation and slave labor. (LA Times)


As Crises Build, Lebanese Fearful of a Failed State

A few miles from Mona Abboud's bookstore in Tripoli, passengers in cars ducked below the dashboard as volleys of gunfire resounded like a jackhammer Monday. Earlier in the day, more clashes erupted at a Palestinian refugee camp three hours from here. By nightfall, a bomb had gone off in a Christian suburb of the capital, Beirut, the fourth in less than a month. (Washington Post)

10 Injured in Beirut Bomb Blast

Clashes between Lebanese troops and Islamic militants have spread to Lebanon's largest Palestinian refugee camp in the south, underlining the complexities the country faces in trying to defeat al Qaeda-inspired fighters who are battling a continuing army onslaught in a northern camp. (AP)


19 Mexican Soldiers Jailed in Deaths

Nineteen Mexican soldiers were sent to a military prison Monday after troops allegedly killed two women and three children whose vehicle failed to stop at an army checkpoint, the Defense Department said. (AP)


Does the West Need Musharraf?

By Ahmed Rashid

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