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Indonesian police say the parents of three men who they believe were involved in the suicide attack on the Australian embassy blessed their sons in the months before last Thursday's attack. Suicide letters the young men had written were "like a will" and were to inform their families they were prepared to die. (The Age)

Head of Bomber Found In Building

Most of a severed head that probably belonged to a suicide bomber was found late yesterday afternoon on the fifth floor of an office building next door to the Australian embassy in Jakarta. The partial head, which included the scalp and most of the face, was found in the Menara Gracia building, Indonesian forensic investigators said on condition of anonymity. (News Interactive)

Latham On the Warpath

After the Jakarta bombing last week, Mark Latham's first response was to denounce the terrorists as "evil and barbaric" —the sort of language that might have been used by Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush or John Howard. He said the terrorists "must be dealt with as harshly as possible" and that Labor will take whatever action is needed to "to win the war against terror". (The Australian)


Troops Sent To Protect China Dam

China is reported to have sent heavily armed troops to protect its huge Three Gorges Dam against terrorist attack. (BBC)


Belgian Terror Suspect Admits Al Qaeda Link

A man standing trial in Belgium on terrorism related activities on Tuesday admitted that he acted as a link between al Qaeda leaders in Italy and Pakistan and supporters of Osama Bin Laden's network here. Saber Mohammed is one of ten men currently on trial in Brussels for allegedly helping terrorist organizations. (Expatica)


Saddam Hussein Revisited

As the campaign debate over Iraq intensifies, one key element is missing: the figure of Saddam Hussein. It's hard to imagine now why the United States went to war against the disheveled tramp who was found cowering in a bunker in December. (Washington Post)

Analysis: Tensions Over Northern Iraq

Not for the first time, events in Iraq are straining relations between two traditionally close allies, Turkey and the United States. (BBC)

Al Qaeda Efforts Backfiring: Expert

Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda group has failed miserably in its political aims, leaving behind a trail of freelance terror and chaos that is backfiring on the Muslim world, according to French expert Gilles Kepel. (Arab News)

Three Years On, Violence Drives the Global Agenda

Many around the world have paused in the past few days to remember those who died in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. In the U.S. and the Mideast during the last three years, debate has continued unabated on the nature, causes and aims of the terror of Sept. 11. Yet, the terror phenomenon seems to have expanded its geographical reach in those three years, despite the determined "war against terror" that is being led by the United States. (Daily Star —Lebanon)

Let's Get It Right

There is no evidence so far to connect the blast with the Al Qaeda or with the observance of the third anniversary of 9/11 or the forthcoming Presidential elections in Indonesia or the parliamentary elections in Australia. (Outlook India)

Iraq: Free For All

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