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Suicide bombers, in precision attacks, destroyed two Russian domestic airlines, which killed 90 people Tuesday, U.S. sources told ABCNEWS.

In the statement, a group called the Islambouli Brigades said it had five mujahedeen, or holy fighters, on board each aircraft. It warned this act would be followed by others "until the killings of our Muslim brothers in Chechnya cease."




'Russia's 9/11'

Suicide bombers, in precision attacks, destroyed two Russian domestic airlines, which killed 90 people Tuesday, U.S. sources told ABC News. (ABCNEWS)

Anger At Kremlin Refusal To Blame Air Crashes On Terror

The Kremlin is facing growing public anger at its refusal to recognize Tuesday night's double airline crash as an act of terrorism. (Guardian)


Eritreans In Plane Hijack Drama

A plane carrying a group of at least 70 Eritreans has been forced to land in the Sudanese capital by hijackers, according to the United Nations. (BBC)

United States

F.B.I. Bulletin Says Al Qaeda Might Target VA Hospitals

Al-Qaeda may attempt to attack Veterans Affairs hospitals as an alternative to more heavily guarded U.S. military installations, the FBI and Homeland Security Department warn in a new nationwide terrorism bulletin. (AP)

New Passenger Profiling System To Be Tested

After criticism from privacy advocates, the government says it has a more accurate, less intrusive air traveler screening process. (LA Times)

Bush Orders U.S. Security Changes President George W. Bush issued Executive Orders and directives Friday to improve government counter-terrorism capabilities, the White House said. (UPI)


Former Yemeni Minister Likely Involvement In Cole Warship Case

An official document was disclosed in Yemen shows the involvement of a former government officials in the blowing up the US "USS Cole" warship in October 2000. (Arabic News)



Defendant at Guantanamo Bay Says He Is an Al Qaeda Member

A Yemeni prisoner confessed to being a member of Al Qaeda during a preliminary hearing before a military commission Thursday, but was cut off in mid-sentence by the presiding official and was not allowed to complete his statement. (LA Times)


Tentative Accord Reached in Najaf to Halt Fighting

Thousands of Shiites marched through the battle-scarred streets of Najaf to one of their holiest shrines today in celebration of an accord reached on Thursday to end three weeks of fighting between American forces and militiamen loyal to a rebel cleric. (NY Times)

Iraqi Holy City Left Broken by Urban Warfare

Lt. Col. Jim Rainey describes the battle here as "tackle football in the hallway, with no roof on the hallway." It's an apt analogy for urban warfare in sometimes extremely close quarters. (Washington Post)

Dozens Of Casualties After Iraqi Troops Fire On Kufa Demo Iraqi national guardsmen fired on thousands of supporters of embattled radical Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr marching on Najaf Thursday, killing or wounding dozens, AFP correspondents and medics said. (AFP)

Bush Admits Iraq 'Miscalculation'

U.S. President George W Bush has acknowledged for the first time that he made a "miscalculation" of what conditions would be in post-war Iraq. (BBC)

Kidnapped Journalist Is Murdered In Iraq

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