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A top aide to Jordanian terror chief Abu Musab al Zarqawi has been captured in Iraq, U.S. military officials announced on Friday. The man, Umar Baziyani, is known to have ties to several extremist groups in Iraq and is wanted in connection with a series of attacks on coalition forces in Iraq. The U.S. military described him as an associate of Zarqawi.

And the FBI said that it has received "credible" reports that suggest some of the seven terror suspects highlighted by the bureau last week have been seen overseas, a top official said on Thursday. Attorney General John Ashcroft described the seven individuals as being associated with al Qaeda.

News from the CIA Second CIA Official Expected to Leave

A second top CIA official is expected to announce his departure today, just a day after the agency's director, George Tenet, resigned amid mounting criticism of the intelligence service. (The Guardian)


Zarqawi 'Aide' Captured in Iraq Iraqi police have captured a top aide of al-Qaeda suspect Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the US-led coalition says. (BBC)

Iraq Says It Needs Multinational Force

Iraq says it needs multinational force to stay but wants to ensure more Iraqi control. (AP)

Report Blames Agencies Over Prewar Intelligence

George J. Tenet's resignation may have been hastened by a critical, 400-page report from the Senate Intelligence Committee that was presented to the Central Intelligence Agency for comment last month. (NY Times)

Abu Ghraib Inquiry Is Said to Focus on Head of Its Interrogation Center

The investigation is focusing on the former head of Abu Ghraib's interrogation center, Lt. Col. Steven L. Jordan. (NY Times)

2 Marines Guilty of Abusing Prisoner

Two 19-year-old Marines pleaded guilty last month to abusing an Iraqi prisoner under their watch by giving him electric shocks, according to Marine officials. (Washington Post)

Abu Ghraib Intelligence Soldier Describes Iraq Abuse in Detail

U.S. Army Spc. Israel Rivera says he saw abuse of detainees in Abu Ghraib firsthand. (LA Times)

Coded Cable In 1995 Used Chalabi's Name Intercepted Iranian Message Involved Plot to Kill Hussein. (Washington Post)

Transfer Could Include Saddam Handover

Iraq transfer will include control of prisons, could lead to Saddam's handover, diplomat says. (AP)




FBI: 'Credible' Reports Terror Suspects Seen Overseas

The FBI has received "credible" reports that suggest some of the seven terror suspects highlighted by the bureau last week have been seen overseas, a key official said Thursday. (CNN)

British Muslim Told FBI of Hijack Terror Plans A British Muslim has told how he was trained as a hijacker for Osama bin Laden, and contacted the FBI before the September 11 terror attacks in the U.S. (The Scotsman)

FBI Chief Wants New Intelligence Service

FBI director Robert Mueller proposes creation of new intelligence service within the FBI. (AP)


Japan Arrests 8th Man Linked To Al Qaeda

Japanese police arrested an eighth foreign national on Thursday in their nationwide crackdown on a suspected al Qaeda network in Japan, officials and news reports said. (AFP)


Radical Preacher is An Al Qaeda Hero, Court Told The radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza is an "al Qaeda hero" comparable to Osama bin Laden, a lawyer acting for the US in its extradition bid claimed yesterday. (The Guardian)


Philippine Separatists Deny Hosting Egyptian Terror Suspect

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