The Insider: Daily Terrorism Report

The FBI has alerted law enforcement agencies nationwide to the danger that terrorists could be using stolen passports to move freely across borders and enter the United States, ABCNEWS reported in an exclusive report Monday. A recent classified FBI bulletin warns that stolen French passports "are of particular concern" because France is one of 27 countries whose citizens do not need visas to enter the United States for visits of 90 days or less. U.S. officials fear the passports may used by terrorists.

And a purported audio tape from the Saudi number one most wanted militant leader said al Qaeda would carry out more attacks against U.S. interests this year and urged Muslims to avoid American civilian and military sites. But the tape by Abdulaziz al Muqrin, which was posted on an Islamist web site which carries statements said to come from senior Qaeda and Taliban officials, said last week's suicide car bombing of a security building in the Saudi capital Riyadh was not the work of al Qaeda.



U.S. Tools for Terrorists Thousands of stolen blank passports may be in terrorists' hands. (ABCNEWS)

Saudi Arabia Purported Qaeda Tape Vows Attacks On U.S. Interests A purported audio tape from a senior Saudi al Qaeda leader said the militant group would carry out more attacks against U.S. interests this year and urged Muslims to avoid American civilian and military sites. (Reuters)

Band of Terrorists Besieged Five terrorists who on April 13 killed an officer and his partner working for al Mujahedeen, a unit affiliated to the internal security forces, are still at large. (Arab News)

Spain Arrest Warrants in Madrid Bombings Authorities investigating the Madrid terrorist bombings issued international arrest warrants for six men accused of providing logistics and money for the attack, and announced the arrest of one of them, officials said Tuesday. (AP)

Morocco Authorities Investigating Explosives' Theft Moroccan authorities are investigating the theft of from a factory in the outskirts of the city of Satat, 80 km south of Casablanca. The investigation started after chemicals were found in the apartment of two wanted terror suspects who were arrested in the city of Barchid last week. The suspects, Salah El Din Al Ghabeesh and El Darbany, are believed to have been involved in the Casablanca bombings in May of last year. Al Hayat also reports that authorities have arrested more suspects in the city of Meknas and confiscated explosives and flyers. (Al Hayat)

U.K. Two More Terrorism Suspects Freed Two men held for a week by Greater Manchester Police on suspicion of terror activities were freed on Monday. (BBC)

British Government Demanding the Deportation of Radical Cleric Abu Hamza al Masri has supported terrorist groups and promoted violence, lawyer says. (LA Times)

British Ex-Diplomats Assail Blair On Mideast In a rebuke of British and American policy in the Middle East, 52 former ambassadors and senior government officials signed a letter on Monday criticizing Prime Minister Tony Blair for his unflinching support for the Bush administration's approach to occupied Iraq and to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (NY Times)


Guantanamo: The 'Revolving Door' Sends Terrorists Back Out Back to the battlefield? Administration officials say some released Guantanamo Bay prisoners have rejoined terrorist groups. (Newsweek)

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