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—Developments since yesterday's deadly attacks in Madrid have only increased the confusion about the perpetrators. A sports bag containing dynamite as well as a detonator attached to a cell phone were found Monday night, the Spanish interior minister said in a statement today. The dynamite was Spanish-manufactured, known as GOMA 2. This comes after ETA, suspected to have been behind the attacks, allegedly called a local Madrid television station denying any involvement. Experts find this highly uncharacteristic of ETA, who usually issue written or video statements.




Investigation of Bombings in Madrid Yields Conflicting Clues

With clues pointing to ETA or al Qaeda, Spanish officials are struggling to identify a culprit in the Madrid bombings. (NY Times)

ETA Denies Responsibility for Train Bombings

A communication reportedly from the Basque separatist group ETA has denied responsibility for the train bombings Thursday that claimed at least 198 lives. (Washington Post)

'Absolutely Crystal Clear' That ETA Behind Blasts

Spanish Foreign Minister Ana Palacio said that it was "absolutely crystal clear" that the Basque separatist group ETA was responsible for the blasts on rush-hour commuter trains in Madrid that killed 198 people. (Sunday Times — South Africa)


France Raises Its Terror Alert

France raised its terror alert late Thursday, posting more soldiers on public transport, and also stepped up security along its border with Spain in response to the train bombings in Madrid. (AP)


London On Full Terror Alert

London is today on full terror alert amid growing fears that the Madrid train massacre was the work of al Qaeda. (This is London)


Jirga Announces 20 Year Expulsion for Harboring al Qaeda Militants

The tribes of South Waziristan Agency have set up lashkar of 600 armed tribesmen to launch operation against the alleged al Qaeda and Taliban militants and their supporters. (Pak Tribune)


Freed Briton Tells of Beatings Guantánamo Bay returnees say police questions were 'charade.' (The Guardian)

Albania Albanian Police Searching for 25 "Islamic Terrorists" On CIA Tip-Off The Americans have put forward a list with the names of 25 of the most dangerous Islamists considered to be terrorists. Through the CIA and their embassy in Tirana, the Americans have provided the state police with the list of the foreigners, who are on the US wanted list and who are suspected of hiding in Albania. Our newspaper learned this from certain sources in the Public Order Ministry and the police. There is also some information indicating that many of them are circulating with false identities or have more than one passport. Most of the people on the international wanted list are Arabs. They include Egyptians, Malaysians, Pakistanis, Iraqis, and Turks. (From BBC Monitoring Report)


Indonesia Says Bashir Not a Terrorist

The Indonesian Government says there is no evidence to label Abu Bakar Bashir, a Muslim clerk and alleged spiritual leader of a radical Muslim group, as a terrorist. ( — Australia)

Philippines Philippines Fears Major Terror Attack, Seeks Neighbors' Help

President Gloria Arroyo fears a major terrorist attack may be imminent in the Philippines and has asked neighbors for information to help her fight the threat, a top security adviser said. (AFP)


Egyptian Sends Letter to Arab Paper from U.S. Prison

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