The Insider: Daily Terrorism Report

Jailed Chaplain Decries Treatment Army captain, a Muslim who worked with terrorist suspects at the U.S. prison in Cuba, says he's been blocked from practicing his faith. (LA Times)

Australian Government Seeks Stronger Terror Laws After Brigitte Affair Australia's top lawmaker outlined plans to give spies stronger counter-terrorism powers after claiming a suspected al Qaeda member had to be deported to France to be properly interrogated. (AFP)


Norway Norway Nixes Jordan's Extradition Request Norway on Monday rejected Jordan's extradition request for the suspected spiritual leader of an Iraq-based Islamic militant group allegedly linked to al Qaeda. Norway said the documentation did not provide sufficient grounds to open the case for Mullah Krekar. (AP)

Fear of Terrorists Hiding Among Asylum Seekers The Norwegian Security Police (PST) fears that persons connected to terrorist networks may be hiding in the stream of asylum seekers arriving in Norway and other European countries, says acting PST Chief, Arnstein Oeverkil. (Norway Post)

United Kingdom Airports Get 'Dirty Bomb' Detectors Detectors designed to prevent a terrorist "dirty bomb" from being smuggled into Britain are to be installed at main airports. Ministers are drawing on a special £330m security fund to help pay for the sophisticated "yellow box" machines at Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and all major provincial airports by 2005. (Sunday Times)

Canada Ottawa Plans to Deport Terror Suspect Soon Almrei says torture, perhaps even death; await him if he is returned to Syria. (The Globe and Mail)

Africa Progress vs. Terror Claimed in Africa U.S. forces have disrupted several planned terrorist attacks against Western and other targets in the Horn of Africa and local authorities have killed or captured more than two dozen militants, the U.S. general in command of an anti-terrorism task force told The Associated Press. (AP)

United States USC Center to Study Terror USC will serve as a key national center for research into potential targets of terrorism and approaches to minimize terror's effects, under a $12-million federal grant to be announced today. (LA Times)

Lackawanna Six Gave Valuable Info Six Yemeni-Americans recruited to a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan shortly before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks have filled the government in on al Qaeda leaders, their training methods and other topics, according to federal authorities. (AP)


Al Qaeda Seen Shifting To 'Terror Consultant' Role Emerging details of last week's Istanbul suicide bombings support the idea that al Qaeda is becoming more of a terror "consultancy" and less of a direct actor, security analysts say. (Reuters)

Moving Targets Terror wave: New bombings, and worries about a 'spectacular.' Al Qaeda is badly wounded, but far from defeated. (Newsweek)

The Istanbul Mayhem With an act of terrorism, Turkey's largest city, Istanbul saw mayhem on Thursday when almost 30 people lost their lives and over 450 received injuries as a result of terrorist bombing of the British consulate and the British-owned HSBC bank. (Pakistan Times)

Tracing the Trail of Radical Turks As investigators continue to probe who may have orchestrated the string of deadly suicide bombings in Istanbul this month, authorities are pointing the finger at Turkish radicals with links to conflicts in Chechnya, Bosnia and Afghanistan. (CNN)

The Insider Daily Terrorism Report (DTR) is a summary of major news articles and broadcasts relating to international terrorism and the war in Iraq. The DTR is edited from foreign and U.S. sources by Chris Isham, Hoda Osman, and Brinda Adhikari of the ABCNEWS Investigative Unit. The outside views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ABCNEWS.

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