Bachelor Party Secrets Revealed

What Really Happened at Prince William's Stag Party?

Over the past week, William and best man Harry were tight-lipped about the bachelor party weekend.

"It's always good to outfox the media," Prince William said. "It was a military operation, and my brother and I are very proud of how it went."

According to The Sun, Prince William and friends agreed to a "what goes on tour, stays on tour secrecy pact" before heading off to the Hartland Abbey, an 800-year old manor house and site of the festivities.

Finally, the stag secrets are out.

The weekend consisted of skeet shooting, surfing and drinking games. While it was a relatively tame event, by many standards, Prince William was still subjected to some bachelor party barbs.

"At one stage one of William's mates pulled out a chest wig and a hair piece and insisted that he put them on, " Duncan Larcombe, ABC News contributor, told the Royal Diary.

The boys also played the Post-it note drinking game. According to The Sun, it "involves each player having a Post-it note stuck to their forehead with the name of a mystery celebrity scrawled on it."

It took ages for Prince William to guess his celebrity, despite knowing the subject quite well. Wills' friends stuck him with his grandmother, the queen.

Despite the fun and games, Larcombe, royal editor for The Sun, told the Royal Diary the boys were still on their best behavior.

"Clarence House [is] very quick to insist that absolutely nobody 'external' came in to the stag party," Larcombe said. "I think that's their way of saying there were no strippers or burlesque dancers."

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