Royal Wedding: Kate Middleton's Parents Hosting Royal Wedding Barbecue

While Prince William and Kate Middleton are celebrating their royal wedding at an evening reception in Buckingham Palace, many of their guests will be attending a different party.

ABC News contributor Duncan Larcombe reported in the Sun newspaper that Kate's parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, will be hosting a barbecue at the Goring Hotel for their relatives and guests who have been invited to the ceremony at Westminster Abbey but didn't make the cut for the evening celebration.

The 7 p.m. party will be thrown by Prince Charles for 300 guests. The Middletons are spending about $41,000 to entertain their uninvited guests at the Goring, while they are nearby at Buckingham Palace with the bride and groom, Larcombe said.

This will be the third reception thrown in honor of Prince William and Kate's wedding day. Queen Elizabeth is also hosting a breakfast at Buckingham Palace immediately after the ceremony at Westminster Abbey.