An Insider's View on the Royal Family

PHOTO Colleen Harris served as the press secretary to Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry from 1998 to 2003.PlayABC News
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Nothing can compare to the insight gained from working for the royal family.

ABC News spoke to Colleen Harris, press secretary to Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry from 1998 to 2003.

Harris started working for Their Royal Highnesses in April 1998, just a few months after Princess Diana died.

"It was still a very raw time for all of the princes. They had been through a very, very difficult period," said Harris about the time when she entered the Royal Household.

"If you think back they'd already gone through the trauma of the separation of their parents. And then, the divorce, and then finally, and sadly, their mother died."

Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, was left to bring up the young princes without their mother.

"He's portrayed as being a rather cold and distant father," says Harris.

"And that's not the person I saw when I worked there. He was very close to his sons, very supportive, and he guided them through this very difficult period."

"I saw them together it was a very loving and gently amusing relationship."

"And I think there's a testament to that now: you can see two very sensible, rather charming young men, and that didn't happen by accident," the former royal press secretary told ABC News.

The brothers' close relationship is clear to see: "A sort of textbook relationship," says Harris.

"The elder brother slightly serious and very protective of the younger one. The younger one very fun and a little bit naughty."

Now, as we all know, one of the eldest of these "charming young men" is getting married in just over a month.

"What I've been told so far and what we're seeing is that it's a very personal wedding," says Harris.

"I think William and Catherine want to make it a very special day for themselves...they want it to be the most special, personable, memorable day."

And what about Harry's role?

"I think that the [best man] speech will be very amusing. I can't say what the content will be exactly, but I think it will be very, very amusing."

It is also custom for the groom to give a speech: "The groom does usually give a speech, yes he does. And sometimes the bride does at modern weddings."

Who knows, perhaps Kate will have a microphone moment too.

"I don't think she will make a speech but who knows she's a very twenty first century girl, she may do," said Harris.