Amanda Knox Bid for DNA Review Rejected

"Between Amanda's mother and myself, we have spent over a million dollars so far," said Knox's father, Curt Knox, who lost his job as an executive at Macy's during the ordeal and is looking for work. "We have literally mortgaged everything and used our retirement funds. But we do what it takes because we are not leaving our daughter in a foreign prison for something she didn't do."

Amanda Knox Talks By Phone With Mom Every Saturday Morning

Knox's two-year imprisonment and year-long trial has left a gaping hole in the family's suburban Seattle life.

"We want to be hopeful and we know she'll be home, but just to assume she's going to be home right now -- it's hard," Mellas told "Good Morning America" today. "Because when it doesn't turn out the way it's supposed to, it's devastating."

Mellas, a math specialist in a Seattle school, has made nearly a dozen trips to Italy to see her daughter in prison for only one hour, twice a week.

In an interview with ABC News' Elizabeth Vargas, Mellas explained, "As a mom, are you really going to leave your innocent child in a foreign country alone with no one to visit her?"

Mellas told "GMA" that she'd definitely be in Italy for the closing arguments and the verdict. And when she's not able to be there in person, she's on the other end of the phone.

"I talk to Amanda every Saturday morning," she said. "She's never alone."

Mellas said she has to be hopeful that her daughter is getting a fair trial and is encouraged that the defense has been able to "rip apart" some of the prosecution's evidence.

When Mellas is not in Perugia, Knox's father is. Despite divorcing when Knox was young, her parents are united in their quest to free their eldest daughter whom they wholeheartedly believe is innocent.

Curt, who spent September in Italy, worries about Amanda. "She has been phenomenally strong and kept a positive attitude. But she told me last week there is this huge weight on her chest of having somebody else take your life in their hands and say -- guilty or innocent."

The "somebody else" are the two Italian judges and six jurors who will decide his daugther's immediate fate. During eight months of trial, they have heard nearly 100 witnesses. At points during testimony, some jurors -- and even the lead prosector, Guiliano Mignini -- have fallen asleep.

Amanda Knox's Sisters Pay Price, Too

Curt Knox also worries about his two young daughters, Ashley Knox, 14, and Delaney Knox, 11, who have been growing up with their father away half the time. Curt has lived nearly an entire year in total in Perugia.

Curt's youngest daughter Delaney misses her father, but understands why he's away. "I wish he was here when I had my first day of middle school and for him to take me there or pick me up. He couldn't because he was in Italy, but we know he is over there doing a good thing for Amanda."

Sitting next to her younger sister, Ashley fights back tears. "We all love and support her. The right thing will come out, that she's innocent and we will be able to see her back home soon."

Amanda's sister, Deanna Knox, 20, says the two are best friends. It was Deanna who traveled with Amanda to Perguia and found her new home, a cottage overlooking the Umbrian hillside that Amanda shared with Meredith Kercher and two Italian roommates.

Deanna recalled, "I actually found [the house] and it was amazing. Nothing in my mind could have imagined that something like this could happen."

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