Amanpour: Bosnia's Lesson for Syrian Slaughter

Objectivity means giving all sides a fair hearing. It does not mean drawing a false moral equivalence. In this case there is no one-hand-or-the other. And anyone who seeks to hide under that calumny is not just a liar, but an accessory, in this case to genocide.

I refused. It is the lesson of my lifetime.

As we all know, tens of thousands of deaths later including at Srebrenica in the summer of 1995, the worst massacre in Europe since World War Two, the U.S. finally intervened with NATO allies, ended the war and launched the peace that holds to this day.

No country, no crisis, is the same. Of course Syria is not Bosnia, nor is it Libya, but in Syria today a heavily armed military is besieging and slaughtering ordinary civilians and outgunned rebels too as the state tries to crush an uprising.

Just like in Bosnia, the Syrian rebels/opposition have been denied the right to self defense, for fear of "accelerating the conflict on the ground and making it worse."

Just like in Bosnia when the U.S. and its allies said they could not intervene "because it's a civil war and all sides are equally guilty," (although that was not the case as there was a clear aggressor) in Syria today they say they "don't know who to help, who to arm, the opposition is fragmented."

The lesson of Bosnia is that our democratic and free world which seeks to uphold the highest values bestowed on humankind, could no longer watch as ordinary civilians were butchered.

It's a lesson that took too long to implement, and the peace is not perfect, but at least the killing stopped.

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