Coming up on 'This Week' … Amanpour Reports Live from Libya

VIDEO: Libya and Revolution

ABC News' Christiane Amanpour reports live from the capital city of Tripoli, a city where Moammar Gadhafi is preparing to make a last stand.

In an exclusive interview, Amanpour speaks to Ghadafi's son, Saif al-Islam, and reports from inside the capital, as rebels vow to march on the city. Amanpour moderates a special roundtable from Tripoli, with in-depth analysis of what unrest across the region means for America's economy and security.

Then, ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper hosts a very special roundtable discussion with exclusive appearances by Governor Jan Brewer, R-Ariz., Gov. Deval Patrick, D-Mass., Gov. John Hickenlooper, D-Colo., and Gov. Nikki Haley, R-SC, to discuss the federal and state budget crises and constituent responses to the shortages.

Tune in Sunday for this important hour of "This Week."

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