Suleiman: 'Egypt Will Not Be Anything Like Tunisia'


"This is the only thing we can offer because the time is limited," he said. "We have only 210 days until the presidential election. And we cannot do more than that. We will reform the constitution, which will take more than three months."

Suleiman said that he believed only a small segment of Egyptians would like to see President Mubarak depart immediately.

There are very few people saying that," he said. "It goes against our culture. We always respect our president, respect our father, respect the guy who's done well for his country as president Mubarak has done."

In a country that depends on tourism, Suleiman pointed out that these protests have severely hurt Egypt's people and the country's economy. It's estimated that about one million tourists have fled Cairo since the protests began on Jan. 25.

"[Our people] want to express to the others in Tahrir Square that now we have no work," he said. "I hope they will recognize that they are not doing well to the country."

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