Oscar Pistorius' Version of Shooting Called a 'Lie'


Pistorius admitted under questioning that he had to deactivate his home security alarm following the shooting in order to let somebody in, something Pistorius hadn’t previously discussed. The athlete then backtracked, saying he didn’t remember whether he deactivated the alarm, but because it didn’t go off, he must have deactivated it.

“Why are you tailoring the evidence?” Nel asked.

“I made a mistake,” Pistorius said. “I’m tired."

The judge asked Pistorius whether his weariness would affect his credibility on the stand.

"No," Pistorius said.

At the beginning of today's proceedings, Nel told the court that he received a note from June Steenkamp, the victim's mother, clarifying for the court that Pistorius had requested a meeting with Steenkamp's family, but they declined because they were not ready to do so. During court on Thursday, Nel ridiculed Pistorius for starting his defense by apologizing to the family and suggesting that if he was sincere he would have sought a meeting with the Steenkamp family instead.

Previously, Nel had accused Pistorius of using his court apology to the family for his own gain -- and criticizing him for not reaching out to Steenkamp's family sooner.

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