Pope Asks Public Officials to Set Good Example in Wake of Berlusconi Sex Scandal


The campaign is similar to the "I'm not at your disposal" campaign created by the left-leaning newspaper La Repubblica in response to what was viewed as a Berlusconi insult to opposition politician Rosy Bindi and women in general. When pressed by Bindi, the prime minister replied, "I recognise you are increasingly more beautiful than you are intelligent."

Bindi, 58, replied: "I am not one of the women at your disposal, Prime Minister."

Berlusconi still has his admirers, even if its only his tenacity they admire.

"Berlusconi is like one of those mythological figures in Greek myth," said Beppe Severgnini, author of "Berlusconi Explained." "You can never say he is politically dead, so he'll go with a bang, but he'll go fighting."

A leader who is no stranger to scandal, now just hopes this isn't the fight that knocks him out.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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