Tony Blair Testifies in Inquiry Into Murdoch News of World Scandal, Protestor Shouts 'War Crimes!'


As for Lawley-Wakelin, he has long made it clear he is no fan of Blair and Blair's decision to back the war in Iraq. He once accused Blair during "question time" on the BBC of being a "liar prepared to kill in the name of oil." In 2010, Lawley-Wakelin traveled to Iraq for a documentary called "The Alternative Iraq Inquiry" that asked whether Blair should be sent to the international criminal court.

But Lawley-Wakelin was not the only one who protested against Blair's policies today. Outside the court, a few dozen people held up signs with the words "Blair" and "the Hague for Blair." One of them threw an egg at Blair's Range Rover as he left the court.

It is a reminder that, even as Blair tries to distance himself from the Murdoch empire, he will never be able to distance himself from the policies that helped lead to his downfall. This will not be the last time Blair is heckled over Iraq. It will also not be the last time he sits stoically through the criticism, trying not to flinch.

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