EXCLUSIVE: Tapes Show Terror Attack on U.S. Consulate


Saudi Arabia

EXCLUSIVE: Tapes Show Terror Attack on U.S. Consulate

ABC News' Brian Ross investigates how al Qaeda carried off a 2004 attack in Saudi Arabia virtually unopposed. (ABC News)

Al Hariri Probe

Mehlis Will Request the Arrest of Two Syrian Officials Soon

In the coming few days, UN Investigator Detlev Mehlis will request that Syrian authorities arrest two officials for involvement in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al Hariri, an informed source told al Hayat. Mehlis has enough evidence to prove the involvement of the former head of Syrian intelligence in Lebanon Rostom Ghazaly and his aide in Beirut Jame' Jame' in the plot, the source said. Mehlis will present his report to UN General secretary on Dec 10th and it will be discussed on Dec 13th according to the same source. (Al Hayat)

Witness Received Phone Call from Syrian Official 15 Minutes Before the Attack

The fiancée of a key Syrian witness in the investigation into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al Hariri said he received a phone call from a Syrian official 15 minutes before the attack on a; Hariri's convoy telling him to stay away from the area because there will be an "explosion." Husam Husam's fiancee said the call came from Jame' Jame', the assistant to the former chief of the Syrian intelligence in Lebanon. (Asharq al Awsat)

Syria Attacks Evidence as U.N. Case Turns More Bizarre

The inquiry of the assassination of the ex-Lebanese premier is beginning to show some cracks. (NY Times)

Al Qaeda

Bin Laden Alive Claim is from Old Video

Al-Jazeera broadcasts as new a claim in an al-Qaida video at least two months old that Osama bin Laden is alive and fighting. (The Guardian)

Bin Laden Had A Bullet Ready-In Case He Was Caught

Osama bin Laden has vowed never to be taken alive and once gave his bodyguard a pistol with two bullets to shoot him if it appeared that he might be caught, according to a new book of interviews with people who know the al Qaeda leader. (Reuters)


White House and McCain Are Near Deal on Torture Bill

A top presidential aide continued to negotiate a deal that would offer covert officers some protection from prosecution. (NY Times)

Plame is Quitting CIA over Outing, Say Friends

Covert operative at the centre of the leak investigation which produced an indictment of a White House aide is leaving the organisation. (The Guardian)


'Tortured' Australian Speaks Out

A former Australian terror suspect says he was caught up in the controversial US policy of transferring detainees to foreign countries for interrogation. (BBC)


Iran Accused over Aircraft Crash

The authorities in Iran are facing bitter criticism over Tuesday's crash of an ageing military transport plane that killed about 110 people. (BBC)


Eritrea to Expel UN Peacekeepers

Eritrea expels a group of UN peacekeepers monitoring the fragile truce border with Ethiopia. (BBC)



Not Guilty Verdicts in Florida Terror Trial Are Setback for U.S.

A former professor and three co-defendants were acquitted on a number of charges in a major defeat for federal law enforcement. (NY Times)

Jurors Might See All 9/11 Victims' Photos

With Relatives' Testimony, Moussaoui Prosecutors Want to Describe Lives of 45. (Washington Post)


Trial Is Adjourned Until Dec. 21 After Hussein Refuses to Attend

Saddam Hussein appeared to be making good on his threat on Tuesday to boycott the next day's proceedings. (NY Times)

Abuse 'Widespread' In Iraqi Prisons

A US military doctor says US troops intervene when they can, but Iraqis run the jails. (CS Monitor)

Three Iraqi Officers Killed at Hospital

Gunmen Kill Three Police Officers in Bold Raid at Hospital to Free Wounded Man After His Arrest. (AP)


Saddam Tactic Could Backfire

Saddam Hussein has made good his threat from Tuesday evening, and refused to appear in court this morning. (BBC)

There's Good in Pakistan's Madrasas

Tightening the noose on the Islamic schools known as madrasas, Pakistan's president, Pervez Musharraf, promulgated last week an ordinance prohibiting these institutions from teaching or publishing literature that promotes militancy, sectarianism and religious hatred. (International Herald Tribune)

Skepticism Seems to Erode Europeans' Faith in Rice

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice did what was expected, many people in Europe said Tuesday, after her meetings with Chancellor Angela Merkel and other German officials. She gave reassurances that the United States would not tolerate torture and, while not admitting mistakes, promised to correct any that had been made. (NY Times)

Rectifying Western Misperceptions Will Require Sustained Initiative

Since September 11, 2001, and the ensuing U.S.-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the world has become increasingly interested in events in the Middle East. But unfortunately, much of the international reporting on the region has only served to reinforce stereotypes and misperceptions about Arabs and Islam. (The Daily Star)

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