Iraqi Documents: Did Russian Ambassador Give Saddam the U.S. War Plan?


Did Russian Ambassador Give Saddam the U.S. War Plan?

Iraq Archive Document Alleges Russian Official Described Locations, Troops, Tanks and Other Forces Before Operation Iraqi Freedom Began. (ABC News)


'Many Militants Die' in Pakistan

Pakistani troops have killed at least 15 militants in fighting near the Afghan border, officials say. (BBC)


U.S. May Be Holding Pakistani Journalist

The family of a Pakistani journalist kidnapped in December said Thursday that they believe he could be in U.S. custody. (LA Times)


Official at Saudi Company and Ex-Employee at Halliburton Unit Accused in Kickback Inquiry

The director of operations for a Saudi company that operates numerous dining facilities for United States Army troops in Iraq and Kuwait was arrested Wednesday and accused of making false statements in connection with what is believed to be a kickback scheme involving a major base near the border of the two countries, a federal prosecutor's office in Illinois said yesterday. (NY Times)


US Citizen Tells of Links with 'UK Terror Cell'

An American citizen with links to al-Qaida appeared at the Old Bailey today to give evidence against seven British men charged with conspiring to carry out a UK bombing campaign. (The Guardian)

Accused 'Talked Of Poison Plot'

One of the men accused of plotting bomb attacks in the UK discussed poisoning football fans by contaminating beer cans and burgers, a supergrass said. (BBC)


Protest Turns Violent in Heart of Paris

Gang Rampage Mars Rally Against Job Law; Pressure Builds on Chirac (Washington Post)


Envoy Accuses Iran Of Duplicity on Iraq

Iran is publicly professing its support for Iraq's stalemated political process while its military and intelligence services back outlawed militias and insurgent groups, U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad said Thursday. (Washington Post)


West to Put Sanctions On Belarus

The EU and US are to impose sanctions against Belarus over an election that gave President Alexander Lukashenko a landslide victory and third term. (BBC)


Insurgents Kill 3 Baghdad Police Officers

Insurgents Kill 3 Baghdad Police Officers, More Than a Dozen Others in Shootings and Bomb Attacks. (AP)

Rescue Is Followed by New Wave of Violence in Baghdad

The rescue of three hostages early Thursday by a multinational force was followed by a fresh wave of killings that continued today, tempering the military's euphoria over the successful raid. (NY Times)

Challenge for U.S.: Iraq's Handling of Detainees

The blindfolded detainees in the dingy hallway line up in groups of five for their turn to see a judge, like schoolchildren outside the principal's office. (NY Times)

UN Urges Iraq to Rein In 'Death Squads'

The United Nations has called on Iraqi authorities to rein in alleged death squads operating within the security forces. (Reuters)


Sudan Nod Urged For Darfur Force

The Arab League's secretary-general has said foreign troops should not be sent to Darfur without Sudan's consent. (Al Jazeera)


Kenya Stalls Cocaine Incineration

A Kenyan court has delayed Friday's planned destruction of the country's biggest cocaine haul, seized in 2004. (BBC)


Sea Rise Could Be 'Catastrophic'

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