Report: Al Zawahri's Son-in-Law Killed in U.S. Strike


Report: Al Zawahri's Son-in-Law Killed in U.S. Strike

The family of Ayman al Zawahri's son-in-law, Hossam Abdul Latif Abu Bakr, received news that he was killed in a US strike in Afghanistan, reports al Hayat today. Abu Bakr, 32, was one of Osama bin Laden's most important bodyguards, according to the newspaper. He was married to al Zawahri's daughter Fatema al Zahraa and they had four children, including one born this month. Al Hayat says he called his family in Saudi Arabia last week to tell them about the birth of his fourth child. As for Abu Marwan al Suri, who was killed in clashes with Pakistani forces, al Hayat says he was Saudi and he recently escaped the Kunar region. The paper quotes Pakistani security sources as saying that a laptop, a video camera, hand grenades and docs were found in his car. (Al Hayat)

Pakistan Taleban Vow More Attacks

The head of the Taleban in Pakistan's tribal areas has warned that there can be no peace in Afghanistan for as long as US forces remain in that country. (BBC)


Nepal King Seeks To End Protests

Nepal's King Gyanendra has called on opposition parties to put forward their candidate for prime minister, after days of protest against him. (BBC)

In Pictures: Nepal Protests


As The Genocide in Darfur Goes On, Chaos and Killing Spread to Sudan's Neighbours

It has been called a genocide in slow motion, its gruesome details unfolding while the world looks the other way. And it is spreading. (The Independent)


Uzbekistan Sends Spent Nuclear Fuel to Russia

A U.N. agency oversees a high-security operation to transport material that contains enough uranium to produce at least two bombs. (LA Times)

Russia Backs Iran's Nuclear Programme

Russia today offered its most outspoken support yet of the controversial nuclear programme in Iran, its neighbour and trading partner. (London Times)

Video: Nuclear Jihad: Pakistan's Weapons

A report into how a rogue scientist established the world's most dangerous black market. (NY Times)


EU Accused of Ignoring Human Rights Abuses In Rush For Gas Deal

Trade agreement with Turkmenistan revived. Fate of gas-poor Belarus 'provides telling contrast.' (The Guardian)


U.S. Suffers Setback in Case Of Alleged Enemy Combatant

Release of document containing allegations against man accused of being an al-Qaeda "sleeper" marks a setback for the U.S. government. (Washington Post)


Lobbyist Charged for Talking

Case against AIPAC advocate could have chilling effect on a field that deals in sensitive information. (Washington Post)


Rwanda Survivors Say Hollywood Has Got It Wrong

Three films in two years about Rwanda's genocide have shocked Western audiences with the scale and savagery of the slaughter, but many survivors in the tiny central African nation are unimpressed. (Reuters)


Bible Studies May Reveal Godfather's Secrets

Italian police codebreakers are turning to the Bible in their efforts to get at the many secrets of the mafia's 'boss of bosses'. (The Guardian)


Iraq Shia Alliance to Vote on PM

Iraq's largest parliamentary bloc, the United Iraq Alliance (UIA), is to vote on a candidate for prime minister. (BBC)

11 Iraqis Killed in Scattered Violence

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