New Tape: Some See Less Menacing Bin Laden

Jurors in the trial of al-Qaeda plotter Zacarias Moussaoui are set to hear the final legal arguments before adjourning to decide whether he will live or die. (BBC)


Riyadh Mosques to be Electronically Monitored

Mosques in the Saudi capital Riyadh are going to be electronically monitored, the Saudi Islamic affairs minister Saleh al Sheikh announced. Al Sheikh said this will allow his ministry to know what's going on in the mosques every day. This is the first step of a plan that will expand electronic monitoring to all of Saudi Arabia's mosques. (Al Hayat)


7 Car Bombs Explode in Baghdad, Killing 6

Seven car bombs exploded across the capital Monday, killing at least six people and wounding dozens, as politicians met to try to finalize a new Cabinet. Police discovered the bodies of 20 Iraqis - apparent victims of sectarian killings the United States hopes the new government can end. (AP)

Inspectors Find More Torture at Iraqi Jails

Top General's Pledge to Protect Prisoners 'Not Being Followed' (Washington Post)

Iraq War Contractors Ordered To End Abuses

Tribune series detailed undocumented pipeline of foreign workers into Iraq, and abuses perpetrated along the way. (Chicago Tribune)

Trial Hears 'Saddam Phone Call'

Prosecutors at Saddam Hussein's trial have played a recording said to be of a phone call in which Saddam discussed a crackdown on Shia with a co-defendant. (BBC)

Bush Ignored Intelligence on Iraqi Weapons, Says Ex-CIA Officer

Former CIA official said that the White House ignored intelligence showing there were no weapons of mass destruction. (The Guardian)


Iraq's Next Premier: Spot the Difference

Many in Iraq and the rest of the Arab world breathed a sigh of relief when it was announced that Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari would step down and be replaced by his right-hand-man, Jawad al-Maliki. (Asia Times)

Mideast 'Axis' Forms Against West

Iran is forging closer ties with countries and groups in the Middle East that share its hostility toward the US and Israel. (Christian Science Monitor)

The Madness of Bombing Iran

As our leaders soften us up for a new war, the arguments we can't afford to ignore. (The Times)

The War the World Forgot

The week I spent as Unicef's guest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was one of the most shocking of my life. (The Guardian)

Standing Behind the Despot on the Wrong Side of History

Only democracy can end the crisis in Nepal, but the US, EU and India back the king and his attempts to crush the Maoist uprising. (The Guardian)

Even a Former Nixon Henchman Laments Loss of Trust in White House's War on Terror

Donald Santarelli, a senior Justice department official in the Nixon administration, among many other heavyweight positions through the years, is very old school. (Congressional Quarterly)

The Insider Daily Investigative Report (DIR) is a summary of major news articles and broadcasts relating to investigative news, including international terrorism and developments in Iraq. The DIR is edited daily from foreign and U.S. sources by Chris Isham, Hoda Osman and Ellen Gustafson of the ABC News Investigative Unit. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ABCNEWS.

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