Top GOP Staffer Forced Out for Role in Page Scandal


Top GOP Staffer Forced Out for Role in Page Scandal

The chief of staff for Republican Congressman Tom Reynolds, Kirk Fordham, resigned after questions were raised about his role in the handling of the congressional page scandal, according to Republican sources on Capitol Hill. (ABC News)

Foley Scandal Puts Pressure on Hastert

The House page scandal engulfing former Rep. Mark Foley and House Republican leaders enters its sixth day with Speaker Dennis Hastert working to hold onto his job and the GOP rank and file worried that the pre-election drip, drip of damaging political news isn't over yet. (ABC News)

Instant Messages Obtained by ABC News Cast Doubt on Claims from Foley's Lawyer

Mark Foley was sexually molested by a clergyman when Foley was between the ages of 13 and 15 and "wants you to know he is a gay man," his lawyer, David Roth, said late Tuesday. Mr. Roth said the disclosure was part of his client's "recovery." (ABC News)

Analysis: When the House Could Clean Itself

By Joseph A. Califano Jr.

The most troubling aspect of the Mark Foley scandal is not his conduct, disgusting as it was, but what the response of the leadership reveals about the rancid state of partisanship and the consequent decline of the House of Representatives. (Washington Post)


Violence in Iraq Leaves at Least 52 Dead

A suicide bomber unleashed a blast in a Baghdad fish market Tuesday and two Shiite families were found slain north of the capital as violence across Iraq claimed at least 52 lives. (AP)

Iraqi Education System on Brink of Collapse

Iraq's school and university system is in danger of collapse in large areas of the country as pupils and teachers take flight in the face of threats of violence. (The Guardian)


90,000 Afghans Displaced By War

Fighting between NATO-led forces and insurgents across southern Afghanistan has displaced an estimated 80,000 to 90,000 people over the past few months, the U.N. refugee agency UNHCR said on Wednesday. (Reuters)


Hijacker of Turkish Plane Wanted to Contact Pope, Officials Say

A Turkish Airlines jet was hijacked Tuesday by at least one unarmed Turkish man, apparently a convert to Christianity who wanted to communicate with Pope Benedict XVI, Turkish and Italian officials said. (NY Times)


Asian Allies Warn On Nuclear Test by N. Korea

Seoul South Korea and China warned North Korea on Wednesday that if it tested a nuclear weapon it would face a chill in relations with Seoul and Tokyo, its two key aid sources. (International Herald Tribune)


Iran Opens Nuke Plant to Foreign Tourists

Iran's hard-line president has ordered nuclear facilities opened to foreign tourists to prove that the nation's disputed atomic program is peaceful, state-run television reported on Wednesday. (AP)


'Al Qaeda in Palestine' Posts Video On the Internet

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