ABC Exclusive: Enemy Inside the Gates: North Koreans in the U.S.


Exclusive: Enemy Inside the Gates: North Koreans in the U.S.

Federal agents monitoring the eight North Korean diplomats assigned to the United Nations in New York are now on high alert in light of their country's purported test of a nuclear bomb, ABC News has learned. (ABC News)

China Reluctant To Back Korea Sanctions

China appeared to shy away Thursday from backing U.S. efforts to impose a travel ban and financial sanctions on North Korea for its claimed nuclear test, saying any U.N. action should focus on bringing its communist neighbor back to talks. (AP)

Intelligence Failure Cited In Korean Crisis

Recent U.S. intelligence analyses of North Korea's nuclear and missile programs were flawed and the lack of clarity on the issue hampered U.S. diplomatic efforts to avert the underground blast detected Sunday, according to Bush administration officials. (Washington Times)

North Korean Test: US Sees No Doctor Khan Link

The US has avoided linking North Korea's nuclear test to the Khan network, pointing out that Dr A. Q. Khan has been 'out of business' since the discovery two years ago of a gang of nuclear proliferators he allegedly ran. (Dawn)

N. Korea's No. 2 Official Warns of Further Tests

Kim Yong Nam dismisses the impact that any economic sanctions imposed by the U.N. Security Council would have on his impoverished country. (Washington Post)


Pakistan Tracking American al Qaeda

The American-born al Qaeda leader indicted for treason Wednesday is believed to have met in Pakistan this spring with the terrorist organization's No. 2 man, Ayman al Zawahiri. (ABC News)

Qaeda Makes FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists List

The FBI has added a 28-year-old American to its list of most wanted terrorists, and the State Department is offering a $1 million reward for his capture. (ABC News)


Startling New Stats Show Cross-Country Crime Spike

ABC NEWS has obtained exclusive data which shows the murder and robbery surge that spiked last year is continuing in 2006 and in many communities across the country is getting worse. The Police Executive Research Forum, a think tank which serves many of the nation's police departments, looked at the murder and robbery stats in 53 U.S. cities for the first six months of this year. (ABC News)


French in Armenia 'Genocide' Row

French MPs pass a bill making it a crime to deny Turks committed genocide against Armenians in 1915. (BBC)


Army: Troops to Stay in Iraq Until 2010

For planning purposes, the Army is gearing up to keep current troop levels in Iraq for another four years, a new indication that conditions there are too unstable to foresee an end to the war. (AP)

20 Killed in Iraq Violence, Four Bodies Found

Twenty people including four policemen killed Thursday in firing and bombing incidents in Iraq, while four dead bodies found from Suwayrah area. (Daily Jang)

In Victory for Shiite Leader, Iraqi Parliament Approves Creating Autonomous Regions

The law allows provinces to hold referendums on whether to merge into larger states, but it imposes an 18-month moratorium on the process. (NY Times)

U.S. Agency Cites Flaws in Another Iraqi Construction Project

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