EXCLUSIVE: Iranian President Ducks Charges That Iran Is Arming Iraqi Insurgents


EXCLUSIVE: Iranian President Ducks Charges That Iran Is Arming Iraqi Insurgents

In an exclusive interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad refused to address accusations that his country was supplying weapons to insurgents in Iraq, saying instead that Iran asked for peace and was against conflict of any kind. (ABC News)

U.S. Says Arms Link Iranians to Iraqi Shiites

After weeks of internal debate, senior United States military officials on Sunday literally put on the table their first public evidence of the contentious assertion that Iran supplies Shiite extremist groups in Iraq with some of the most lethal weapons in the war. (NY Times)


Bombs Kill at Least 80 People in Iraq

A series of explosions that started in an underground parking garage blanketed Baghdad's city center in debris and smoke. (AP)

U.S. Troops Enter Eastern Baghdad as New Push Begins

American troops locked down a large industrial area of eastern Baghdad on Sunday while Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, without indicating how he would do it, vowed to speed the deployment of Iraqi forces throughout the war-ravaged capital. (NY Times)

Iraqi Court Sentences Saddam's VP to Death

An Iraqi court on Monday raised the sentence against Saddam Hussein's vice president to death by hanging for the killings of Shiites in the town of Dujail. (AP)

Bombing at Tikrit Police Station Kills 9

Nine police officers were killed Sunday near Tikrit when a suicide bomber drove up to a police station and detonated explosives hidden under hay on the bed of a truck, the U.S. military and Iraqi officials said. (Washington Post)

U.S. Kills Errant Contractor

U.S. forces in Iraq shot and killed a civilian contract truck driver from Michigan who had strayed from his convoy, a lawyer for the man's family confirmed Sunday. (AP)


Egypt Releases 'Rendition' Cleric

A Muslim cleric allegedly kidnapped by CIA agents in Italy and handed over to the Egyptian authorities has been released, his lawyer has said. (BBC)


Report: Explosion Heard Near U.S. Base In Japan

An explosion was heard near a U.S. Army base south of Tokyo late Monday and police suspected an attempted attack on the base, Kyodo News agency reported. (AP)


Former Red Army Faction Militant to Be Freed

Former Red Army Faction militant Brigitte Mohnhaupt is to be released from prison, a German court said on Monday, after 24 years in jail for her role in killings that shook West Germany's nascent democracy in the 1970s. (Reuters)


Hundreds of Taliban Massing to Attack Dam: Official

At least 700 Taliban fighters have crossed from Pakistan into Afghanistan to reinforce guerrillas attacking a key dam, a major source of electricity and irrigation, a provincial governor said on Monday. (Reuters)


Spanish Daily Reports on Al-Qa'idah Training Camps in Mali

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