How Much Did He Really Do?

One of Baer's concerns is that there is no indication that Mohammed turned anybody in to U.S. authorities. "There is insider info that should be in a document and that should have led to arrests."

There are lingering questions that remain unanswered for Baer: Who recruited the 15 Saudi terrorists on 9/11? Who funded the plot? Did Mohammed name the Qatari prince who protected him when he fled to that country? Did he name the [Pakistani intelligence agency] ISI officers he probably met?

"He has the hallmarks of a fabricator," says Baer. "Anybody who's desperate, you see a certain amount of desperation."

The 26-page transcript of Mohammed's hearing seemed to raise more questions than it answered.

"I'm surprised that he didn't take responsibility for killing JFK," says Cloonan. "That he was actually on the grassy knoll."

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