Exhibition of Rare Da Vinci Notebook Opens in Dublin

The security arrangements around the exhibition are expected to be unusually tight, practically airport-level according to some reports. But Ryan insisted that "although security measures will be strict, this level of security is not unprecedented, particularly when you are dealing with such a rare exhibit."

In fact, the Codex Leicester notebook is the only manuscript by Leonardo da Vinci that is owned privately. And its owner is none other than the world's richest man, Bill Gates, who acquired the notebook in 1994 for the princely sum of $31 million.

To ensure that the fragile, 500-year-old manuscript continues to have a long life, the organizers of the exhibition plan to showcase its delicate pages in special climate-controlled cases, regulating the degree of light it is exposed to.

Of course, this may mean that visitors may not be able to get a close view of the content of this rare notebook, but, according to Ryan, that is a small price to pay for the opportunity to see such a remarkable work.

And, should fans of Dan Brown wish to scrutinize Leonardo's notebook, Ryan won't be barring the doors shut.

"The world," he acknowledged to ABCNews.com, "seems to be divided into Dan Brown lovers and haters. And being a public institution, it's not our mission to divide the audience."

And what, ABCNews.com asked him, would Leonardo have made of this unexpected viewership of his work?

Dr Ryan replied, "It would be presumptuous of me to imagine the workings of his brilliant mind… but I daresay he would have aspired to writing classic English prose, not the stuff of popular fiction!"

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