U.K.'s Reality TV Star Jade Goody Battles Cancer and Gets Married on Camera

It was while she was on that show that Goody received a cervical cancer diagnosis from doctors in the U.K. She immediately returned home to begin treatment, and signed a deal with the British pay channel, Living TV, to document her battle with the disease.

She underwent chemotherapy as cameras filmed her losing her hair and later, deciding not to wear a headscarf. A hysterectomy followed when she learned that the cancer had spread to her womb.

This month, doctors told Goody that the treatment had failed and the cancer is terminal, having spread to her liver, bowels and groin.

Even as many in the media raised eyebrows at her decision to allow a television channel such access to her life, Goody defended her decision, saying she was only doing it to secure the future of her two sons, Bobby, 5, and Freddie, 4. The children are the product of her relationship with former reality TV star Jeff Brazier.

Goody is now engaged to 21-year-old Jack Tweed, who appeared with her on "Celebrity Big Brother" and who is currently on parole after assaulting a 16-year-old boy three years ago.

British Audience Watches Goody in Love and Health

Tweed proposed to her in London in front of the cameras and the pair will exchange vows Sunday in a televised wedding. British luxury department store Harrods gave her a designer wedding gown.

In a statement released to ABC News, Harrods owner, Mohamed Al Fayed, said, "I was very moved by Jade's plight. When I heard of her intention to get married, I wanted to give her something. So I offered her one of our beautiful wedding dresses from Harrods."

Her wedding dress will have a pouch to contain her painkillers.

In another sign of support to the ailing celebrity, Tweed, whose curfew usually starts at 7 p.m., was today offered a special dispensation from the Ministry of Justice to remain at the reception and with Jade until 3 p.m. the day after the wedding. A Ministry of Justice spokesman described the couple's circumstances as "an exceptional case."

But not everyone has been as understanding of Goody's decision to go public with her illness.

Joe Hill, co-founder of the U.K.'s second-largest gay dating site Fitlads.net shocked viewers when he posted a four-letter rant about Goody on YouTube.

Calling her a "fat media whore cow," Hill said she was using cancer "for her own financial gain." Despite an angry response from Fitlads subscribers, one of whom called the comments "a disgrace to the gay community," Hill refused to apologize.

In an e-mail to the gay news Web site, PinkNews.co.uk, Hill said, "She should die with dignity. I cannot believe the support, someone who announces their death to the highest bidder has achieved," adding, "This is vulgar in the extreme."

Clifford brushed off the comments in an interview with ABC News, saying, "There will always be people who criticize, fortunately the majority have been supportive and understanding. They understand that she needs to pay for her boys' education."

"Just last night," Clifford said, "Jade told me, 'Reality TV has been wonderful to me. … It comes naturally to me, and it gives me something to do.'"

Support for Goody is coming from some unlikely quarters. Clifford told ABC News that former nemesis Shilpa Shetty and Goody have now "become good friends. Shilpa realizes that Jade is not a racist; she just says things without understanding their implications. They spoke last night. Shilpa will meet her in a couple of weeks when she comes to London."

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