Zarqawi's Successor

New documents released by the FBI include previously undisclosed interviews in which prisoners at Guantánamo complain that guards have mistreated the Qur'an, the American Civil Liberties Union said today. In one 2002 summary, an FBI interrogator notes a prisoner's allegation that guards flushed a Qur'an down the toilet. (American Civil Liberties Union)

Pivotal Vote on Bolton Debate Is Set for Today

The Senate debate over John R. Bolton, President Bush's embattled nominee for United Nations ambassador, was in its final stages this afternoon, with at least one pivotal vote set for early this evening. (NY Times)

U.S. 'Thumbs Its Nose' at Rights, Amnesty Says

In coordinated broadsides from London and Washington, Amnesty International accused the Bush administration on Wednesday of condoning "atrocious" human rights violations, thereby diminishing its moral authority and setting a global example encouraging abuse by other nations. (NY Times)

Seal Officer's Trial Gives Glimpse of C.I.A.'s Role in Abuse

The court martial of a member of the Navy Seals accused of abusing an Iraqi detainee who later died in Central Intelligence Agency custody is providing revealing glimpses of the agency's involvement in the prisoner abuse scandal. (NY Times)

Mushroom Clouds: New Mapping Tool Shows N-Blast Effects in Washington

If terrorists detonated a 20-kiloton nuclear bomb inside a truck in Washington's Dupont Circle, the blast would rip through the White House and most of the city's downtown office district. (CQ Quarterly)


With the Gloves Off

Torturing prisoners, rather than making the U.S. safer, puts us all in greater danger. (NY Times)

A Lawmaker Works, Oddly Enough, to Keep His Voters' Backyards Dangerous

Joe Barton, the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, seems poised to block legislation to secure chemical plants against terrorist attacks. (NY Times)

With a Little Help From Our Friends

Are Pakistan and Iran to blame for riots in Afghanistan? (NY Times)

A Cheer for Mr. Mubarak

Laura Bush's tour of the Middle East was cast as a way to earn badly needed goodwill for the United States in a region that her husband seeks to transform. Mrs. Bush duly promoted women's education in Jordan and the peace process in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Yet when the first lady arrived in Egypt she chose to lavish her own goodwill not on that country's struggling pro-democracy movement but on 77-year-old strongman Hosni Mubarak. (Washington Post)

'American Gulag'

It's always sad when a solid, trustworthy institution loses its bearings and joins in the partisan fracas that nowadays passes for political discourse. It's particularly sad when the institution is Amnesty International, which for more than 40 years has been a tough, single-minded defender of political prisoners around the world and a scourge of left- and right-wing dictators alike. (Washington Post)

The Insider Daily Investigative Report (DIR) is a summary of major news articles and broadcasts relating to investigative news, including international terrorism and developments in Iraq. The DIR is edited daily from foreign and U.S. sources by Chris Isham, Hoda Osman and Brinda Adhikari of the ABC News Investigative Unit. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ABCNEWS.

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